Where is my Stitch Fix?

I am so disappointed by my Stitch Fix experience this month.  I was originally scheduled for a fix on Wednesday February 5th while I was finishing presenting at a conference I had been dreading.  I thought coming home to a stitch fix would have been the perfect “pick me up”.  Instead, I went to check the tracking information and the label had been created and I could see what items were in the box, but by Wednesday it had never left the warehouse.  I contacted stitch fix customer service, and 2 full days later, I finally got a reply that they had lost my fix and promised to send me a new one the following week on 2/14 a week and a half later than the original one.  I figured that a Valentines Day Stitch fix would be pretty cool and anxiously awaited the new one.

Fast forward to 2/12, and once again I noticed that no label had been created and nothing had been sent.  I knew it took a minimum of 2 days to ship so if it hadn’t shipped by Wed I wasn’t getting a fix for Valentines Day.  I once again contacted customer service by replying to the original thread and asked what was going on.

Two days later (Valentines Day when my fix was supposed to be arriving) I finally get a response from them saying they are sorry but it happened again.  Wait, seriously???  They lost my fix twice in one month?  Supposedly the glitch in my account has been fixed and now they are saying I’ll get a fix on 2/21, a week from today.  I checked my credit card and I had been charged the $20 styling fee for the 2/5 box that never shipped, so I hope they don’t charge me a second time.  I’m feeling much less confident about the service overall, and highly dissatisfied with the amount of time it takes customer service to respond to issues.  A two day delay per inquiry is not very good, and so far they haven’t offered me a credit or anything for the so called “glitch”.

I’m really hoping that my February box (If I ever receive it) is awesome and worth the wait.  I’ll update this post when I have more information.


The 2/5 stitch fix showed up on my porch out of the blue ten days late.  After trying everything on and deciding I’d keep it, I contacted customer service since there was no way for me to check out online and let them know that I got it.  Within minutes, they had fixed my account and I could check out online.  I’m still getting another box this month which is fine, but I was a bit surprised that when I had a problem it took 48 hrs to hear back, when I magically get a box and need to pay them money I get a response within minutes on a weekend no less.  I’m grateful to have the whole thing sort of taken care of (there is still the extra box coming this month) but at least things sort of worked out and I got a box with some okay pieces for a decent price.

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