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Paper Pumpkin February

I enjoyed February’s Paper Pumpkin since it was a departure from just cards.  This month it was supplies to make 5 gift bags with your choice of lettering.  I only made 2 so far because I wasn’t sure what I’d want the others to say.  (Maybe I’ll give a personalized gift to someone and will want to spell their name.)

paper pumpkin February

What I got:

paper pumpkin FebruaryIt came with two round texture stamps, an ink pad, tiny wooden clothespins, ribbon for the handles, 5 bags, cutout circles, raised stickers, and letters.

The Finished Product

paper pumpkin FebruaryI decided to go with “hello” since it was generic enough to give to anyone.  I like the polka dot texture but did another with the stripe texture spelling out my husband’s name.  (I figure I’ll probably give him a small gift at some point.)

Overall I think this month was probably worth the $20 subscription fee.  I’ll see what the March kit brings.

My first attempt at candle making

I decided to try candle making over Thanksgiving with mild success on my first attempt.  I’m hoping to give these away as gifts at Christmas using some holiday themed fragrances and colors, but wanted to do a test run before using the supplies for the gift ones.  Last night I made these two pumpkin pie scented candles using a paraffin/soy wax blend, amber color chips, pumpkin pie fragrance, and two 8oz mason jars.

Homemade pumpkin pie candle

I started by attempting to use an eye dropped to secure the wicks to the bottom of the jar as I had read about online with very little success.  Then after melting and mixing up the wax, fragrance and dye chips, I poured the wax into the containers and used popsicle sticks to try to hold the wicks in place at the top.  Unfortunately this didn’t work very well, and one of them moved after it had started cooling and left a large empty space where the wick had been.

Based on this experience I ordered some wick stickers and wick bars to use next time, so I don’t have the same problem.  I thought I could get away without them, but it is much harder then it looks.  My whole house was filled with the scent of pumpkin pie after mixing up the wax, so I’ll have to remember to do one fragrance at a time.  I suspect a mixture of the scents would not be very pleasant.