August Stitch Fix Review

Sigh.  I think the only way to sum this month’s Stitch Fix up is with an emoticon.


Stitch Fix August Review
It looks so promising…

Pomelo – Aggie Sleeveless Side Gathered Striped Maxi Dress $68

I had actually seen this dress on the blog and thought it looked cute, so I was excited to see it.

Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August Review

And then I see it on.  Nothing about this worked.  My bra straps were visible, the pattern did nothing for my shape, and it clung to every lump and bump on my body.

Going back.

Kensie Jeans – Kaleigh Ankle Biter Skinny Jean  $88

Red jeans!  Something I’ve wanted forever!  The fabric is stretchy and the color is exactly what I wanted.  Let’s see what they look like on.

Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August Review


Stitch Fix August ReviewAnnnnd no.  Skin tight, low rise, and just terrible.  What a disaster.  The best part is the stylist called these “Straight Fit” when the label clearly called them skinny fit.

Going back.

Under Skies – Simran Solid French Terry Moto Jacket $78

Stitch Fix August Review

I had asked for a “lightweight summer jacket I could wear with dresses and tops in the air conditioned office.”  This jacket is a very non-neutral color and is most definitely not light weight.  It was a heavy sweater material.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August Review

On, it is just okay.  But I don’t love it and it doesn’t fill any gaps in my current wardrobe so back it goes.

Skies are Blue – Alexa Embroidery Detailed Tank $48

Then there are tanks.  Again.  Which I’ve asked them to stop sending.

Stitch Fix August ReviewIt’s cute on the hanger.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August ReviewAnd makes me look pregnant.  This is where the stylist was WAY off.  She said she sent me some tops to flatter my pear shape that are tight at the top then get wider at the bottom.  That is the OPPOSITE of what is flattering for a pear shape.  Any  blog or fashion article or anything you read says pear shapes should wear fitted tops to accentuate the waist.  This shape only makes my natural shape worse and makes me look incredibly large.

Going back.  (Seeing a trend….?)

19 Cooper – Lanea Graphic Print Racerback Tank $58

Stitch Fix August Review
Racerback. Tank. Two strikes.

Stitch Fix August Review

Stitch Fix August ReviewAnd a big fat no.  Again, this is terrible for my shape and makes me look pregnant and fat.

Going back.

Overall Impressions

I did not get my usual stylist this time (Cody) and the new one really missed what I was asking for with these picks.  The tops were terrible and unflattering, and the pants were way too tight.  The dress I will take the blame for since I added it to my pinterest page, but nothing else was good.  Everything is going back which means I am out $20, but I wasn’t keeping any of these items just to not lose out on the $20 so I’m just plain out.

I considered cancelling my September fix all together, but instead I scheduled it for further out and asked for absolutely no tank tops and no loose flowy tops like that.  I’d love to see another pants option with a higher waist and not super skinny fit.

Such a disappointment for August.





5 thoughts on “August Stitch Fix Review

  1. Alas! I thought those red jeans looked fabulous on you — but I have to say, I also received a pair of the ankle-biter jeans and I thought I was going to die, they were so tight on my legs. (and I don’t even mean the chunky thigh part!). 🙂

    1. That picture did something magical, because in person they looked really bad! I did notice that I must have gotten just the right angle with the photo to hide all of the lumps and bumps that were showing in a very unattractive fashion. Not to mention I couldn’t really sit down. 🙂

  2. I actually think you looked great in every single item. And I hate tanks, too, but you have the figure to pull them off.

  3. I thought you looked cute in the red jeans too, but no sense keeping something that’s uncomfortable to wear. With respect to the tanks, I wondered if the cream/black tank wouldn’t have looked cute belted to show off your figure?

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