Golden Tote August Review

My Golden Tote for August arrived last week, but I was busy taking care of my nephew for 5 days and didn’t get a chance to open it until last night.  (It is a nice reward after a week of entertaining a 9 year old boy!) 🙂

Here’s what I got this month:

Golden Tote August Review
Golden Tote August 2014

I really like the design on the tote this month.  I’m not sure what to do with all of the cute totes I’ve gotten from them.  I wonder if people have creative ideas?

Here are the two items I picked:

Golden Tote August Review

I think they sent me one of the wrong cards.  I did get the striped summer swing dress, but my other item was the red kimono, not the fringed one.  Maybe they just had one card for kimonos?

Golden Tote August Review

Hanging up it’s just a rather shapeless dress, but I had seen it on one of the models with a cute skinny red belt which I didn’t happen to have, but I do have a wide red belt and I think the result is nice.

Golden Tote August Review

You can’t tell from the picture, but it’s actually a little longer in back and it’s SO comfortable.  I love all of the knits I got in this month’s tote.

Golden Tote August Review
Red Kimono

I had been wanting a kimono for some time and the red color on this one really stood out to me.

Golden Tote August Review

I might play around with different ways to wear it because this is just okay.  Maybe with heels?  Black skinny jeans?

Then there were four surprise items.

Golden Tote August Review
Priddy Striped Dress

I think this was my favorite surprise item.  This will be a great dress to wear in the fall with a military style jacket and later with tights and boots.  It’s also cute just by itself for late summer.

Golden Tote August Review

This is my next favorite.

Golden Tote August Review
Fantastic Fawn dolman sleeve shirt

Again, this is super soft and drapey and very comfortable.

Golden Tote August ReviewGolden Tote August Review

I like the cute back details.

The next item is another tank, but it’s not too loose and the colors are easy to pair with other items.

Golden Tote August Review
Collective Concepts Tank

Golden Tote August Review

I think I saw someone get this in a Stitch Fix.  I know they send out Collective Concepts brand items so it’s possible.

Then the last item is my least favorite.

Golden Tote August Review
Renee C. cocoon cardigan
Golden Tote August Review

I just couldn’t get it to lay very nicely and have no idea how to wear it.  Since it’s one of those items I will never reach for in my already crowded closet I think I’ll do a giveaway with this item.  I’m going on a trip next week and will be out of town so I’ll do the giveaway when I get back.

Overall Impressions

I really liked this Golden Tote and felt that it was very much worth the $149 for the 5 items I really loved.  I was very happy with the surprises this time and all of the cozy soft fabrics.


1 thought on “Golden Tote August Review

  1. I had a few similar pieces, but in different colors (Fantastic Fawn dolman, Priddy by Puella dress, and Collective Concepts tank). I really liked all the pieces I got in this tote… I’m so glad I decided to order! I like all of your items as well – Golden Tote did a great job 🙂

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