Second August Golden Tote + Giveaway

Because I loved the swing dress from my first Golden Tote in August so much, I decided to order a second single item tote with the blue dress as my chosen item.

Golden Tote August Review
Blue dress and surprise item

This is the blue dress I chose:

Golden Tote August Review
Blue Swing Dress

Golden Tote August Review

Golden Tote August Review
Without a belt

This one I plan to wear without a belt.  Here I’ve paired it with a pair of nude patent leather pumps and a long necklace. I love the color and shape of this dress.  The fabric on the blue one was a bit heavier than the white with black stripes one I got previously, but it will work nicely for the fall.

Here was the surprise item:

Golden Tote August Review
Colorful kimono

Golden Tote August Review

I think it looks nice on (despite needing a good iron) but since I already have the red kimono offered in this tote plus a white one from a previous tote, I don’t think I’ll end up wearing it.  Therefore I’d like to do another giveaway this month.

August Tote Giveaway Winners Picked

Congrats to Kristen and Kathy the winners of the kimono and cardigan.  Once I get their addresses I’ll put the items in the mail this weekend.

Thanks for all of your entries.

The two items I’m giving away are the colorful kimono, and the cocoon sweater from my first August tote:

Golden Tote August Review
Colorful kimono
Golden Tote August Review
Renee C. cocoon cardigan

6 thoughts on “Second August Golden Tote + Giveaway

  1. I would love a chance to win the drawing for the colorful kimono! But I’m not sure how to send you a message. 🙂 Or is this comment sufficient?

  2. Did you size down on the swing dress? It looks so great on you and I’ve been wanting to get one, but thought that I read that it runs large? Also, how do I send you a comment for the giveaway or do I just leave that info here?

    1. I didn’t size down, I went with my usual Medium. I think if I went with a Small the arms would have been too tight.

      In the past people just sent me a comment with their info and I didn’t publish those comments, but some comments are auto-approved (yours for example) so I’ll just pick two names on Friday and contact those by e-mail.

      Sorry for the confusion!

  3. Hi there, I would love to be entered into either drawing but especially love the kimono! I left a comment on the blog but wasn’t sure how else to send you my info. Please let me know if there is something else you’d like me to do. Thank you! Kind Regards, Kathy Shearer

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