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What I’ve been wearing.

Falling for Boden plus work outfits

I wore my patterned sweater and squirrel dress last week.  I am completely enamored with Boden and love both pieces.

Boden patterned sweater

I paired the Boden pattern sweater with a short sleeve white button up, red jeans I got from stitch fix, and some black boots.  I liked the way the white collar shirt contrasted underneath.  Boden is having a sale right now for 25% off everything, and I highly recommend this sweater.  It’s so soft and no wool!

Boden Hartland Dress

I was stopped by a stranger in Charming Charlies who told me she loved my dress and thought it was vintage.  The Hartland Dress from Boden is made from a corduroy fabric that is so soft and I love the pattern.

Leather Jacket Golden Tote
I feel like a bad a$$!

I got this jacket in my October Golden Tote and I love the feel of it and all of the details.  The faux leather is soft and it has a cute buckle at the neck.  I also like that it has a hood.  It’s currently available in the November $149 tote and also the boutique for $75.

Professional Look

Finally, I had to give part of a keynote speech last week and decided to dress a little more professionally for work.  I got the skirt at Ann Taylor Loft, and was happy with the fit and comfort.  It’s nice and stretchy and didn’t feel restraining like some pencil skirts do.  I paired it with an older cardigan from banana republic and a black and white blouse.

Boden Fall Dress Picks

I ordered a few more fall dresses from Boden and was very pleased with two of them.

Hartland Dress

Boden Hartland Dress
Squirrel Print!!

This one was my favorite.  When I saw that they were making a corduroy dress in a squirrel print, I knew I had to have it!  The fit is quite flattering and the print is adorable.  The only thing I don’t love about it is again, the bodice.  If I slouch even a tiny bit, it poofs out in the front and looks like the bodice is too big on me.  If I stand up straight it is nice and fitted, but I am a total sloucher so I know during the day the dress is going to look funny on me.  Despite this, I am keeping the dress and plan to wear it with grey tights and these boots.

Boden Hartland Dress – $118 without a sale


Boden Highgate Dress

Boden Highgate Dress
Blue Steel Beads

I ended up getting this in the long length, but I don’t know if I actually needed it in long.  I’m happy with the fit overall and will keep it with this longer length.  The color is very pretty in person and I’m thinking I should pair it with a bright statement necklace.  I had planned to wear it with black tights when the weather forces me to wear tights.

Boden Highgate Dress – $148 without sale


Ponte Skater Dress (Second attempt)

Boden Ponte Skater Dress
Plum Color

I had previously ordered this dress in a 6L in the green color which was too big in the bodice and the darts stuck out funny so I decided to try a 4L in the plum color since that’s what was in stock.  Unfortunately the dart problem was solved, but I felt like I couldn’t breathe.  For this reason (a pretty good one) the dress is going back.  I still really love the fabric and cut of this dress but wish the 6L had worked out.

Boden Ponte Skater Dress – $118 on sale right now

Boden Fall Items

I had a 20% off code a few weeks ago, so decided to order a few things from Boden for October.  I was really pleased with most of it and kept almost everything.

British Tweed Mini

Boden British Tweed MiniI love this skirt for fall.  The plaid fabric is nice and the colors are muted.  I paired it with these naturalizer heels and a sweater from Loft last season.  I ended up ordering this in a 6R because I wanted it to be around this length to wear with tights.  (I normally go for long lengths at Boden which is one of the things I love about them!)

British Tweed Mini – Boden blue check

Naturalizer Believe Pump – DSW $59.95


Sixties Mini Part 1

Boden Sixties Mini and Printed Shirt
Hot dog dogs!

I am in love with this skirt, which is a good thing since I ordered it in 2 colors.  Here I’m wearing the navy in a 6L (love the longer length, doesn’t really make it a “mini” though) with the printed top that has tiny little dachshund dogs on it size 6.  Adorable!!

I actually wore this outfit to work today.  I tried it on last night, loved it and put it out to wear the very next day.

Printed Shirt – Boden

Sixties Mini – Boden Navy

Sixties Mini Part 2

Boden Sixties Mini and Pattern Jumper
Tiny British soldiers

And this is the sixties mini again in the Bright Coral color paired with the patterned jumper with tiny british soldiers on it.  I love the sweater.  It fits nicely and is so soft!  I got the sweater in a size 8 because I wanted to be able to wear a button down shirt underneath for layering, but it fits nicely even without an extra layer.  I can sometimes get a size 6 in sweaters so I think this one ran a tiny bit small.

Sixties Mini – Boden Bright Coral

Pattern Sweater – Boden Night Blue


Ponte Skater Dress

Boden Ponte Skater Dress

This was the only item that (very regrettably) had to go back.  The fabric was nice, the color was great, the swish of the skirt was fantastic, but the bodice just didn’t work for me.  The darts stood out leaving puckers of fabric in an unattractive way and it just didn’t work for me.  I have since decided to reorder it in the plum color in a size 4L with hopes that the top would fit better but I’m not sure if that will work.  I ordered plum since they didn’t have the green in my size at the moment (it has since been restocked.)  I really hope the plum one works out!

Ponte Skater Dress – Boden Green

Old Navy, Loft and Boden

Here are a few more outfits I’ve been wearing to work lately.

Pixie Pants from Old Navy Mustard Sweater from Loft

Pixie Pants Old Navy

I ended up really loving these pixie pants from Old Navy.  I was super reluctant to try them because Old Navy pants don’t usually fit me well, but these are soft and stretchy and fit me like a glove!  I ordered another pair in a plaid pattern online.  Love these pants!  The sweater is from Loft.

Pixie Pants ankle length – Old Navy $29

Mustard sweater – Loft $22.49 on sale right now

Floral Skirt Old Navy

Floral Skirt Old NavyThis is a fall look I’d been seeing in London and wanted to duplicate at home.  The skirt is from Old Navy, but it looks like it’s sold out.  The sweater is from Primark in London and the shoes are White Mountain.

White Mountain Icon booties – Amazon $58.60

Boden Easy Printed Top

Boden BlouseThis is the easy printed top from Boden which is currently on sale but almost sold out in this color, paired with straight leg jeans and these adorable flats by Nine West.

Easy Printed top – Boden $62.40

Nine West Classica Ballet Flat – Amazon $24.99



September Outfits

This is a great weekend to do some online shopping.  All of my favorite sites are having big sales.  (Boden 20% off everything and Loft 40% off everything.)

Here are some of the things I’ve been wearing this month.

Golden Tote Swing Dress
Golden Tote Swing Dress without a jacket

I love this swing dress from Golden Tote just as much as the white one with black stripes.  For work I paired it with these nude sandals and a long necklace then wore a jacket on top when I was in the air conditioning.

Golden Tote Swing Dress
Golden Tote Swing Dress with jacket
Loft Scuba Flare Skirt
Flare Skirt from Loft

I love this new skirt I got from Loft.  The fit is flattering for my body type so I bought it in two colors.  The blouse is sooo soft and my favorite mustard color.  The boots are new and I bought them specifically to wear with fall skirts and dresses.

Scuba SkirtAnn Taylor Loft $69.50 but 40% off right now

Floral Bud Utility BlouseAnn Taylor Loft $59.50 and 40% off this weekend

Dr Scholls Bethany Wedge Bootie DSW $69.95

Boden Sweater and Loft Skirt
Boden Sweater and Loft Skirt

This is the same skirt but in camel color, paired with my new hotchpotch sweater from boden and a different pair of booties that I love.  I had these boots in black last fall and wore them a lot, so this fall I bought the same ones in brown.

Scuba SkirtAnn Taylor Loft $69.50 but 40% off right now

Hotchpotch SweaterBoden $108 20% off right now so $86.40

Diba Pilot BootieDSW $54.95

Leather Look
Leather Look from London

I got this blue top from Dorothy Perkins in London and saw the outfit idea on a mannequin there.  I knew I had the leather jacket and boots so just pulled the look together when I got home.  (I can’t find the top online, but they do have a website.)

Coral Sweater and Blue Blouse
Coral Sweater and Blue Blouse

I saw an outfit similar to this on the Stitch Fix blog (see below) and thought I’d try to reproduce it with a top I got from Stitch Fix and a coral sweater from Old Navy.

stitch fix outfit idea

Kimono tops

I’ve noticed that Kimono tops seem to be the latest trend.  I had gotten a few from Golden Tote as chosen options, and one as a surprise item.  Then when I was in London earlier this month I kept seeing them in stores and a lot of the girls around the city were wearing them.  I love how easy they are to throw on over a tank or tee, and in the winter I plan to wear them with a long sleeve tee underneath to stay warm.  Here are the two I got from Golden Tote and how I wore them to work.

Kimono top

With this one I went with more of a zen vibe and wore my Tibetan prayer mala necklace and a turquoise ring.  It was a warm day so I was okay with just a tank underneath.

red kimonoThen with the red one I decided to wear a slouchy navy tee underneath, along with my boyfriend jeans and a necklace and some earrings I had made from a “For the Makers” box.  In the air conditioning I was cold so in the future I’ll probably wear long sleeves with this one unless I can be outside or in the sun.