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More Summer outfits

Here are a few things I’ve been wearing to beat the heat.

Boden Skirt and top

Boden Skirt and Top

I love this skirt and I paired it with a soft knit blouse also from Boden.  Great summer work outfit.

Old Navy Maxi Dress

Maxi Dress from Old NavyI was so happy to find this dress at Old Navy.  It fits really nicely and the fabric is a soft stretchy knit.  Great find!

Golden Tote top and white jean shorts

Golden Tote and Loft

The top is from Golden Tote and is still available in the July tote.  It came in some really cute other prints too.  The shorts are curvy fit from Loft and a very happy find.  It’s hard to find shorts that work and these were just long enough for work, paired with a jacket for the AC.

Boden Summer Skirt 

Boden Summer Skirt

I love this Boden Summer Skirt from Boden.  It also happens to be on clearance now.

Summer Shorts from Old Navy 

Old Navy Shorts

These shorts are really outside of my comfort zone, but they are so comfortable and soft.  When it’s 90 plus degrees outside it’s a great way to look fashionable and stay cool.



Stitch Fix July – A pleasant surprise

We’ve been having a crazy heat wave here in the Pacific Northwest so for this stitch fix I requested knit fabrics and skirts and dresses:

July Stitch Fix 2015

Here’s what I got:

July Stitch Fix 2015



Marlyn Schiff – Aliza Stone Teardrop Earrings $28

July Stitch Fix 2015

I didn’t take a separate picture of these and while the color is nice, they reminded me so much of the cheap earrings you get paired with a necklace at Charming Charlie.  I wouldn’t have kept these if it wasn’t for the 5 item discount.

Pixley – Randa Tiered Knit Top $48

July Stitch Fix 2015

July Stitch Fix 2015

While the fabric was a soft knit and it had a nice fitted silhouette, I didn’t care for the lack of color and the weird gathers hit me in very unflattering places and had the effect of making me look like an armadillo.  Again, I wouldn’t have kept this if it weren’t for the 5 item discount.  More  on that later.

Gilli – Tyra Maxi Dress $88

July Stitch Fix 2015

July Stitch Fix 2015


I loved the color of this (it’s bright orange, hard to tell with the pic) and I loved that I could easily wear a bra with it.  When I tried it on I liked the way it looked okay but felt it made me look a little bit wider in the hips.  Now that I see this photo I’m not so sure the shape is working for me.  Not sure I should have kept this one?

July Stitch Fix 2015
Wore it to work, loved it!

Papermoon – Remmie Printed Maxi Skirt $58

July Stitch Fix 2015 July Stitch Fix 2015The fabric on this is sooo soft and I love the colors.  It was a little bit big in the waist though.  I complained when Lindsey sent me a size small maxi skirt, but now I think it might have made sense.  The waistband was just really loose on this, but I did like the way it fit my hips better.  I guess I’m between sizes.

July Stitch Fix 2015
I wore it this week to work

Pixley – Ohara Faux Wrap Tie-Waist Dress $68

July Stitch Fix 2015 July Stitch Fix 2015

I love this dress.  The fabric is great, the fit is great, and the color is nice.  Perfect for work!

July Stitch Fix 2015
Great work dress

Overall Impressions

When I was done trying everything on, I was all set to send back the armadillo tee, and the earrings but quickly found out that I would be spending $3 less than if I kept all 5 items because of the 25% discount.  I figured even if I donate the armadillo top to the local charity shop it’s worth the $3 for the earrings.  I wish the prices were a bit more reasonable if you’re not keeping all 5 items, but overall I was really pleased with the soft fabrics and the pops of color this time.  I still didn’t get my requested stylist Lindsey because they said she’s still on vacation, but Joannie did a good job on this one.  I already went ahead and scheduled my next stitch fix for August and can’t wait to see what I get!


Stitch Fix June – A few keepers

Based on my last positive stitch fix experience I decided to give it another try.  Unfortunately the stylist who did a great job for me (Lindsey) was on vacation so I got another stylist that didn’t seem to read my past notes or get what I was looking for.  This time I asked for bright happy colors (check), and a focus on skirts and dresses (not check), and maybe a top that would go well with shorts (half check?).  Here’s what I got.

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Urban Expressions – Adelade Woven Fold Over Clutch $48

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

I went back on forth on this one and debated it over night.  I normally would never use a clutch and don’t even own one, but I loved the feel of this bag.  It is classic with a great neutral color and the bag itself was just a great size for a night out.  In the end I decided to keep it since I don’t already have any clutches and I thought it would be good to have one on hand should the occasion ever present itself.

Renee C – Alecia Abstract Print Maxi Dress $68

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Stitch Fix June 2015 review

Stitch Fix June 2015 review
With a jacket and the clutch

While I liked the pattern on this, the fabric was a bit itchy and almost iridescent, but the worst part was the fit.  A blousy top like that doesn’t look good on me and I need tops to accentuate my waist in order to flatter my pear shape.  This did nothing for my top or bottom half and a belt made it worse.  This went back.

Pixley – Abriella Waffle Knit Cardigan $48

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

This one gets filed under “what were they thinking?”  It was like a giant chenille bathrobe.  Great for 90 degree weather, no?  It was uncomfortable and unflattering and just a no all around.  I know I said no drapey cardigans in the past and this is definitely that.

Pixley – Edmond Chevron Print Henley Shirt $54

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

Something I can wear.  I like the soft knit of this top and wore it the next day for an impromptu trip to a nearby island (not the tropical kind, the kind that is surrounded by the Puget Sound and you go to in order to get away from 90 degree heat.)  This was a keeper.

THML – Rosalie Embroidery Panel Back Zip Tank $68

Stitch Fix June 2015 reviewStitch Fix June 2015 review

And again, No.  I also asked for no tanks or sleeveless tops and here we go.  This one had itchy fabric sides, and if I moved my arms away from my body I looked like a giant triangle.  Great for pear shapes, tops that make you look like a triangle.  Back it went.

Overall Impressions

While I didn’t really get dresses/skirts that I was looking for, I ended up with a clutch that I unexpectedly ended up falling in love with and a nice knit top to wear with shorts.  I still hold out hope that if I try again in July with Lindsey I’ll get some good pieces again.  Maybe I just haven’t loved the Golden Tote options lately so I have been wanting to get back into stitch fix.  I think I’ll give it another shot in July.



Summer Outfits

Here’s a few outfits I’ve been wearing.

Boden Elise Skirt 

Boden Elise Skirt

I paired it with a dark jean jacket from Old Navy and a plain white tee.  I love the fabric and fit of this skirt.  It’s a soft knit and falls nicely to my knees for work.

Boden Summer Bloom Skirt

boden summer bloom skirt

I love this skirt.  The color is vibrant and the fit is nice for my shape.

Anthropologie Dress

Anthropologie dress

I can’t find this dress on their site anymore, but I love the handkerchief hem.

Anthropologie Top

anthropologie top

I like this soft and comfortable top with it’s boho print and vivid blue trim.


May and June Golden Tote Review

I was sick when my May Golden Tote arrived and didn’t bother to take pics of me wearing the items, but I did take photos of what I got.

May Golden Tote

Golden Tote May 2015

Pick Item #1 – Golden Tote Sweatshirt in Blue

Golden Tote May 2015

It looked a bit small out of the box, but when I tried it on it fit well in the size small that I got.

Pick Item #2 – In the Navy Maxi Dress

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015

This is a really soft and cute maxi dress.  I accessorized it with a trio of elephants necklace I had and these flat sandals and white linen jacket.

Add on Item – Bring on Spring Sweatshirt in white

Golden Tote May 2015

I had ordered this as part of my April tote but they sent me the blue one instead.  It is the softest most cozy shirt I’ve ever worn so I got it as an add on with this tote so I can have it in two colors.

Surprise Item #1 – Tea & Rose Solid Midi skirt – Charcoal

Golden Tote May 2015

I haven’t worn this yet and it’s just okay.

Surprise Item #2 – Miss Love Lightweight Floral Jacket

Golden Tote May 2015

I actually did wear this yesterday with a pair of khaki bow shorts I got from Anthropologie and a plain white tee.  I forgot to take a pic, but it was a cute look.

Surprise Item #3 – Le Lis Owl Printed Top – peach

Golden Tote May 2015

Haven’t worn this yet either but I think it would look cute with black shorts.  Love the print!

Surprise Item #4 – Very J Printed Elastic Waist Dress – black

Golden Tote May 2015Golden Tote May 2015

This is much shorter than I’m normally comfortable with but I wore it on the weekend when it was hot.  For work I might pair it with some cropped leggings.

Jewelry picks

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015

I love the elephant bracelet and the delicate necklace.  I’ve worn both several times already.

This bracelet came free with the order but I really don’t care for it and it’s rather “pokey”.

Golden Tote May 2015 Golden Tote May 2015


June Stitch Fix

For June there was only one item I was excited about so I got the one item tote for $49 and was rather disappointed.

Golden Tote June 2015

Pick Item – Fun & Fresh Tank in floral multi

Golden Tote June 2015

I do like the tank.  The print is vibrant and I love the colors.  But as for the surprise item…

Surprise Item – Potters Pot Pleated Pants

Golden Tote June 2015

Culottes.  Just… no.  I can’t describe how bad these looked on me so they are going immediately to charity.

Overall, I really loved my May Golden Tote but probably should have skipped the June one.  For $58.95 (includes tax and shipping) it was not worth it for one sleeveless top.  I think the only tote that really provides value is the $149 tote where you get lots of surprise items.


May PopSugar Must Have review

The May  PopSugar Must have box arrived this week and it had some pretty good picks.

PopSugar Must Have Box May


PopSugar Must Have Box May

Sisters of Los Angeles – Surf Sand Love Beach Towel $40

PopSugar Must Have Box May

I like the colors of this beach towel, but when I held it up it was shorter than me so I couldn’t really use it to lay out on.  I’ll probably be giving this one away since we already have a ton of beach towels.

Middle Kingdom – Mini Plum Vase in Coral Red $20

PopSugar Must Have Box MayThis is a cute little bud vase and I put it on the banquette behind our kitchen table.  It matches a painting I have there.

Kitsch – Tri’d & True Y-Shaped Necklace $32

PopSugar Must Have Box MayCute packaging and a nice silver delicate necklace.  Not sure what to wear it with yet.

Sage & Row – Bare Shave Cream $17  + Batiste – Dry Shampoo $4

PopSugar Must Have Box May

The shave cream has a nice light fresh scent and the dry shampoo is supposed to smell like cherry but it was more like cherry mixed with soap?

Hammond’s Candles – McCraw’s Flat Taffy $1

PopSugar Must Have Box May


I got banana flavor.  I ate about half of it but it was getting really stuck in my teeth so I gave up half way through.  Fun item though.

Overall I think this was a pretty decent box this month.  I like the dry shampoo, the vase and the necklace.  I didn’t care for the beach towel but it wasn’t awful.  I still think it’s worth the $39.95 for a few surprise items that are worth more than that together.